Want to visit Spacious for just one day? If you've never used Spacious before or just need to drop in for a day, we recommend purchasing a Day Pass for $20

Just like a regular membership, check into any location (no reservation required) using your phone number, and then head to our website where you will see the option to complete your purchase. Once you've paid for your Day Pass, it will be active for 24 hours and can be used at any and as many Spacious locations.

If you are still checked into Spacious at the end of your 24 hour period, we will send you a text minutes 15 minutes in advance to let you know that you'll be charged for another $20 Day Pass.

Also, please be aware that you cannot currently purchase a Day Pass in advance. You will only see this option when you're checked into a Spacious location.

Want to know the guest policy while on your Day Pass? Read this article.

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