Spacious memberships are auto-renewing subscriptions and non-refundable as stated in our terms and conditions

We send you a reminder email 7 days before your next payment, so you have ample time to cancel if you'd like. Keep in mind that you can cancel for free at anytime before your next billing date by going to your membership dashboard and selecting 'cancel.'

In certain cases, if you contact us within 24 hours of your membership charge processing, we may provide you with a credit to your Spacious account, or a refund minus a processing fee.

After 72 hours, we may offer a Spacious credit that can be used towards a future Spacious membership purchase. 

Please note that if your subscription payment fails, our system will continue to make attempts to collect the payment. If your subscription is still unpaid after 30 days, your membership plan will be automatically canceled. Also, if you choose to return to Spacious, you will need to do so at our current pricing.

To prevent any issues, please update your billing information as needed. 

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