Thinking about purchasing a Spacious membership for your team? 

Currently, paying for team members on a small team is much like paying for your own membership – just add a company card to each member's Spacious account. You can do this either by sharing the information with them directly, or getting access to their account. You can access their account by signing in with the team member's cell phone number and the verification code we text to their phone. 

Another simple option is to purchase a gift card for the appropriate membership plan.

A Spacious membership is a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription, so this card will be billed on a on that cycle starting from the date of purchase. Also, while we don't support invoicing right now, employees can just forward their billing receipt along to the employer or accountant.

We're currently working on creating tools to support team owners, so stay tuned for future updates!

If you'd like more information about pricing for teams, drop us a line at

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