While we definitely want you to feel at home at Spacious, please remember that you're sharing the space with other members.

If you see that another member is violating any of our policies or guidelines, please let the host at your location know or email us at help@spacious.com.

Working in Our Space

General Rules Across All Locations

  • Please avoid fully reclining, laying down or putting your feet up on the furniture to sleep.
  • Please keep your shoes on at all times and avoid putting your feet on furniture, both with or without shoes
  • Please do not run or pace throughout any locations.
  • Please do not visit websites with inappropriate content. 
  • Please do not play musical instruments or create art, aside from pencil or pen drawings.

Conducting Business With Fellow Members

Our community is all about finding opportunities—this includes business opportunities. If you do business with fellow members, we expect that you do so fairly, ethically, and professionally. We do not tolerate fraud. We understand that from time to time, the outcome may not always go as planned. But that’s just one of the risks and possibilities when doing business with other members.

Respecting Our Space

WeWork’s physical space is our community’s home. Every day, members and their guests rely on our spaces to be clean, functional, and a representation of their businesses. We all share these spaces, so do your part by respecting them and keeping them clean.

Kitchen and Pantries

Coffee bars and kitchen areas are ideal spots for tea time, a casual meeting, or a quick escape from your desk. These areas are shared by all members, so be mindful of others while using the microwave or filling up your mug.

Phone Booths and Call Areas

We encourage all to try and limit time in phone booths to 30 minutes or less. This gives our whole community the opportunity to take advantage of them. Using phone booths for activities other than private calls, such as long meetings, secondary workspace, or guest workspace is not allowed. Also, don't leave your belongings in phone booths to reserve them. 

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