We know you’ll likely need to make a few calls while working at Spacious. This is absolutely allowed and encouraged. 

That said, we ask that you only take calls in the designated collaborative area at your Spacious location. If you're not sure where that is, please feel free to ask the host on duty.

Here are our guidelines:

  • Be mindful of your volume when having conversations as not to be disruptive to others around you.
  • Avoid using the speaker on your phone or computer at all times (we ask that you always use headphones).
  • Refrain from cursing or speaking about personal matters at length
  • Try not to pace excessively throughout the space while on a call (we've been told that the movement can be distracting to other members).
  • If you expect calls, text messages, or notifications, please make sure the volume on your device is at a reasonable level.

Please know that if our host finds that you are speaking too loudly on a call, they will politely approach you and ask that you speak at a lower volume. This also applies to instances where members are not using headphones.

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