Want to drop into Spacious without a membership plan? If you're new to Spacious or just need the flexibility of a drop-in option, we recommend purchasing a Day Pass or a bundle of 20 Day Passes. A Day Pass gives you unlimited access to all of our locations for 24 consecutive hours. 

Purchasing Day Passes

As a first-time member, you are able to purchase your first Day Pass online in advance of your first Day Pass. Just go to the pricing page. You can also buy your first Day Pass in-person at any of our locations. Just let the onsite host know it's your first day and they will help you through the process. 

We also offer a 20 Day Pass Bundle, which can be used for an individual or split amongst colleagues. Ask your onsite host about this option or purchase directly from the pricing page

Please keep in mind that returning Day Pass members (anyone who has used at least one Day Pass) will only find the option to purchase another Day Pass after checking into a Spacious location. 

How Day Passes work

Once you've paid for your first Day Pass, check into a Spacious location to automatically activate it. Your Day Pass is valid for a full 24 hours and gives you full access to the Spacious network, so feel free to visit as many spaces as you'd like

Keep in mind, your Day Pass will automatically renew if you are still checked into a location at the end of the 24 hour period. We will send you a text message 15 minutes in advance, which gives you the chance to verbally check out with a host. In the case that you you purchased a bundle, your next one will be automatically activated. 

Day Pass Guest Policy

You may host guests while on a Day Pass for $5/hour/guest (or $1.25 per 15 minutes for partial hours), which is in addition to the cost of your pass. If your guests stay more than four hours, you will only be charged $20/person for the day, which is equivalent to the cost of a Day Pass. Learn more about our guest policy

If you have a bundle of Day Passes and would like to give one to a guest, please ask your onsite host for help.

Extra Details

Purchase an unlimited membership while you're still within the 24 hour period of your Day Pass to receive an automatic $20 discount off your final price. Please note that if your 24 hour period has expired, this extra discount will not automatically apply. The discount only includes your current Day Pass and will not include previous, expired Day Passes.

Want to move from a Day Pass bundle to a a full membership? Depending on how many Day Passes you have left, the remaining value will discount the purchase of your new plan.

All prepaid Day Passes will expire 6 months from the purchase date. 

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