One of the perks of a Spacious membership is the ability to invite guests for meetings, or to work from Spacious with you for the day.

How many free hours are included?

Each Spacious membership plan includes a certain number of free guest hours that are replenished each month. After using the available free guest hours, members will be charged $5/hour per guest, with a maximum daily amount of the cost of a Day Pass per guest. 

Here are the details: 

  • Monthly or Early Adopter Monthly: 5 free guest hours per month
  • Quarterly: 15 free guest hours per month
  • Annual: 40 free guest hours per month
  • Day Pass: 0 free guest hours; $5/hour per guest

Hours are tracked by the minute per guest, so members with guest time are able to use partial hours up to the total allotment.

Free guest hours do not roll over to the next month, so we suggest using them before they replenish monthly on the date of your billing cycle.

How does hosting a guest work?

If you are expecting a guest, please let the host at your location know when you arrive for the day (this is recommended, but not mandatory).

Our hosts will welcome your guest when they arrive and ask for their first name, as well as your name. They will be checked in as your guest and you'll receive a text message letting you know they've arrived.

*Please know that our hosts will check your guest in under your account as soon as they arrive, even if you are not present at the location. You will receive a notification when your guest arrives to let you know. This means that the amount of guest time used (in the case that you have remaining guest time available) or for which you are billed will include the time before you get to Spacious.

Check Out

Our hosts do their best to check your guests out when they leave. However, in order to ensure you don’t accidentally use extra time, please have your guests check out at the host stand before they head out. It's also helpful if you follow up with the hosts to make sure your guests were checked out.

If for some reason your guest wasn't checked out when they left, our hosts will make sure to sort it out for you. You're also welcome to email us at if you've already left the location.

*Guest charges are processed on the credit card on file when you check out for the day.

*If your guest wants to stay longer but you need to leave, we will leave you checked in and you will be responsible for the hours and/or cost related to the guest's time at Spacious.

If you have further questions about our guest policy, please send an email to

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