As a workspace that take advantage of unused space in the forms of restaurant and vacant retail, Spacious locations are unique and can vary in how they look and operate. 

Each amenity and offering is indicated by the following symbols on the space page for all locations:

Print Stations

All of our dedicated spaces offer the ability to print, copy, and scan documents. All members receive 10 free b/w prints per month.


Microwaves are available at all dedicated locations.

Phone booths and call areas

This amenity is offered at certain dedicated spaces and is indicated by the phone booth sign.

Quiet Areas
Certain locations offer a separate area reserved for members who would like to do heads down work. In these areas, members are unable to take calls or have conversations.

Amenities in the works for the future:

Private meeting space
Event space
Mail, package or Business Address Services
Storage space or lockers

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