All Spacious memberships are on an an auto-renewing cycle, except for Day Passes. This is the case with all of our memberships and we let new members know this information right under the purchase button on the checkout page and in our Terms of Service. We also send members a reminder email about the upcoming charge 7 days in advance.

Your billing date reflects the date of original purchase and is adjusted for the type of membership you purchased. If you’d like to check your billing date, log into your Spacious account.

If you need to prevent your membership from auto renewing, cancel your membership before your next billing date.

Just keep in mind that we do not offer prorated refunds for unused days and cannot transfer memberships to others.

If you are on a Day Pass you will have full access to Spacious for 24 hours. Just remember, if you are still checked into Spacious at the end of that 24 hour period you will be automatically charged for another Day Pass. 

Please note that if your subscription payment fails, our system will continue to make attempts to collect the payment. If your subscription is still unpaid after 30 days, your membership plan will be automatically canceled. Also, if you choose to return to Spacious, you will need to do so at our current pricing.

To prevent any issues, please update your billing information as needed. 

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