All discount, referral program, and gift card codes are applied to your purchase by adding the code to the coupon code box at checkout.

If you're new to Spacious and have never signed up, you should create a profile, select your preferred plan, and fill in your information (profile details, phone number, and credit card) to reach the checkout screen. All Spacious members need to have a credit card on file to cover any guest fees and future membership payments.

If you have an existing Spacious account, head straight to your membership page and select the plan that matches the discount or gift card. 

On the final payment page, enter the code into the discount code box to see the correct price. As long as you have successfully added the right code, your expected price should be reflected in the total prior to confirming the purchase.

Please keep in mind that your Spacious membership starts the same day that you complete your purchase and will auto renew monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on your membership plan. If you'd like to end your subscription or prevent it from auto renewing, please cancel before your next billing date.  

If you would like to check the credit available on your Spacious account, log into your member dashboard and click the present icon in the top right-hand corner.  

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