All of our spaces are collaborative, which means that we welcome conversations and phone calls while using Spacious. 

That said, maintaining communal etiquette standards helps us consistently deliver on our promise to create beautiful, productive spaces that make everyone feel welcome. 

While having conversations, please try to speak at a volume that allows other members to be productive during their workday too. We ask that all members do their best to keep volume to a normal level and to choose seating areas that feel a bit more private if you’re in a group. 

Also, please be aware that our hosts are there to ensure that our spaces are comfortable and productive. If a group (or a member) is doing something that may be disrupting other members, they will be asked to modify their behavior.

We also ask that you keep the content of your discussions to work-friendly topics and avoid excessive cursing. We understand that this can be subjective, so we appreciate your help in making sure all members feel safe and comfortable while sharing the space.

Here are some guidelines that will make Spacious great for teams and individuals alike: 

  • We ask that members limit meetings to 5 people or less whenever possible. Large meetings, especially in the middle of a space, can be very distracting to individuals trying to do heads down work nearby.
  • Please don’t pace or hold standing meetings.
  • If you do have a multi-person team working in the same space, avoid yelling across tables.
  • Try to use spaces that have both collaborative and quiet areas.
  • Try to take advantage of the amenities we offer to accommodate more animated calls, such as the phone booths and call areas.

Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or comments.

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