Early Adopters are members who have an interrupted, active monthly membership before January 31, 2018. This information does not apply to other Spacious members.

Pausing your membership

As an Early Adopter, you are able to pause your membership for $9/month. Your pause starts on your next billing date, which means you still have full access to Spacious up until that day.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your membership dashboard 
  2. Select "Cancel"
  3. Then select "Pause my membership"
  4. The pause will go into effect on your next billing date

Returning to Spacious after a pause

Returning from your pause is as easy as checking into a Spacious location. Just remember, any check in will restart your plan, so we recommend waiting until you are ready to return to Spacious full time. 

Once you check in, your membership will be unpaused, triggering the following additions to your next monthly invoice:

  • A prorated membership charge to account for the days used between your return and your next billing cycle.
  • A $95 charge, as usual, for your Early Adopter Membership for the upcoming month. 
  • Any extra charges, such as guest fees, that you incurred between your return and your next billing cycle. 

Other important information

If you choose to cancel your membership instead of pausing, you will no longer have access to Early Adopter pricing if you decide to return to Spacious in the future.

If your subscription payment fails (either a $95 payment or $9 pause fee), our system will continue to make attempts to collect the payment. If your subscription is still unpaid after 30 days, your membership plan will be automatically canceled and you will lose access to Early Adopter pricing.  If you choose to return to Spacious, you will need to do so at our current pricing.

To prevent any issues, please update your billing information as needed. 

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