If you are an Early Adopter (active member before 1/31/18) please read this article.

If your workspace needs have changed and you'd like to leave Spacious, we absolutely understand. Just log into your Spacious dashboard, head to the membership tab, and select 'cancel' to start the process.

We suggest cancelling before your next billing date to avoid being charged for your next billing cycle. You can check your billing date on your Spacious dashboard, or email us at help@spacious.com if you have questions.

And don't worry – you'll still have full access to Spacious until the day before your next billing cycle. Keep in mind, we do not offer partial memberships or refunds for any unused time (this applies to our 3-month and annual memberships as well). You also cannot transfer unused membership time to another member.

If you’d like to reactivate your membership in the future, just log back into your Spacious account and purchase a new membership on the same membership page. All your information, including the credit card you had on file, will remain the same.

Please note that if your subscription payment fails, our system will continue to make attempts to collect the payment. If your subscription is still unpaid after 30 days, your membership plan will be automatically canceled. Also, if you choose to return to Spacious, you will need to do so at our current pricing.

To prevent any issues, please update your billing information as needed. 

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