As a community, each of us is called to value one another and treat each other kindly and with respect. We are committed to fostering a hospitable, inclusive, and tolerant environment, free from harassment, abuse, or mistreatment of any kind and for all individuals. 

We’re committed to ensuring that every member feels at home within our community.

Respecting Each Other

Diversity and Acceptance

Our members are the heart and soul of our community. Members connecting—whether online, over a cup of coffee, or at an event—are key to our community’s ongoing success. As a diverse, global community, we encourage open mindedness as well as the understanding that other members’ actions or beliefs may not be the same as our own. These values serve to enrich the mix in our community and maintain respect for others.

Zero Tolerance

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for harassment or abuse, both verbal and physical.

Anyone exhibiting hate speech or intentional discrimination against any race, religion, national origin, gender or gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, or other class of people, will be asked to leave our community. This applies to behavior in our spaces, content on any of our digital interfaces, or content on the person's public online profile outside of Spacious.

Also, we do not tolerate harassment or abuse of our hosts, both verbal or physical, and we operate apply the same protections from harassment and abuse as we do to members. We do not condone touching hosts, referring to their appearance or clothing, or calling hosts by terms of endearment such as, "sweetheart" or "honey". 

We are committed to creating a hospitable, respectful, and empowering environment for everyone. We implore our members to report anyone violating these policies, or any problematic persons in our community, so if you see or hear something, please say something. 

We reserve the right to terminate the membership of anyone who violates these policies. 

If you've experienced or witnessed abuse or harassment at any of our locations, report it directly to the on-site host, or reach out to us via email at

Practicing Safety 

Criminal Activity

We strictly prohibit any criminal activity and will work with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our communities.  


The safety and security of our members is paramount. We don’t permit or tolerate violence or the threat of violence of any kind against any member, guest, or employee. If you feel unsafe, or witness threatening or violent behavior, please contact your local Experience Manager or email immediately.

Prohibition of Weapons

Following our non-violence policy, we do not allow any weapons within our spaces. This includes, but is not limited to guns, knives, tasers, and other dangerous objects. If you ever see a weapon in our space, contact your local Experience Manager or email immediately.

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